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Advocating for reform and equality for Irish Adoptees.

Aitheantas – Adoptee Identity Rights is an advocacy group with an Adoptee led focus, formed in 2018 to advocate for reform and equality for Irish Adoptees. Aitheantas means identity as Gaelige, something denied to all Irish adoptees.  

Aitheantas’ core policy is People before Paper putting adoptee welfare at the forefront of legislation and supports.

Aitheantas research charts the social harm and intergenerational aspect of forced and coercive adoption through the closed adoption process in Ireland.

Aitheantas campaigns for open access for Adoptees to Health, Heritage and History information and the acknowledgement of Identity Rights.

Aitheantas have campaigned through supporting Council Motions, securing unanimous supporting motions from Councils across the country for open access for adoptees to their own

Aitheantas are also the group behind the historic #RepealtheSeal campaign which saw historic levels of public support for survivors to access their own information.

What we have achieved

There’s power in numbers.

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